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In a land far away, locked within her bubble a young woman lived her life outside of the crowd. To them, it seemed as though her journey left her conflicted on what path to take.

Unbeknownst to the others, she’d had dreams that reached skies they’d never known. For worry of outshining the crowd, she let herself appear as small—a mere spec in the world. 


Her luck changed when her fairy god-sisters sprinkled upon her the power of Black girl magic. Re’lle Green, our Founder, let her light shine and embodied her dreams. Rêveuse was born in her place to let her dream of making affordable, versatile activewear come to life. Dreams became a reality for Ms. Green, and every moment when a young woman steps into her activewear they’ll be reminded that our desires can be ours. Remember that all you have to do is dream. So, what’s yours? 


 Reveuse Fashions CEO 

Re’lle Green

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